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Professional Background of Michael Lydiate

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Dr. Michael Lydiate has an impressive background of teaching and educational experience, focused around topics of health, exercise science, and physical education. University educated in exercise science and with a masters and doctorate degree, as well as additional trainings and certification, in education, Dr. Michael Lydiate has the training to back up his extensive experience.

Dr. Michael Lydiate began his teaching career in 1995 as an elementary school physical education teacher with the Muscogee County School District in Columbus, Georgia. Dr. Michael Lydiate quickly moved up the ranks within the school district. After his stint as a physical education teacher, Dr. Michael Lydiate began working with the district’s health improvement program, and taught in 35 elementary schools and 3 middle schools in the Columbus area, teaching health programs in grades 5 through 8. Eventually, Dr. Michael Lydiate became a health and fitness curriculum instructional specialist with the district, and trained teachers and staff in health departments throughout Columbus, and ensuring that teachers and curriculums were upholding the rigorous state standards for health instruction. At this time, Dr. Michael Lydiate also acted as assistant director of athletics for Muscogee County, working with schools and coaches to organize athletic programs, train coaches in regulations and safety precautions, and establish lines of communication among administrators and athletic staff.

After receiving higher degrees in education in the mid 2000s, Dr. Michael Lydiate shifted his focus from elementary and middle school education to teaching at the collegiate level. Dr. Michael Lydiate began working at Troy University as an adjunct professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Sports Fitness Management in 2004, and joined the academic staff at the University of Phoenix at the College of Arts and Sciences in 2010. As a university faculty member, Dr. Michael Lydiate has developed online course systems, and also advises students in course selection, classroom success, and the fulfillment of university requirements.


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